PICK 7 RACE New for 2014

Over the past few years I've had a lot of teams that wanted to cross divisions and total different division points to qualify for a championship. This will not be fair for an Angler of The Year race, as teams would only fish when they are on fish. Some teams could not fish all the tournaments in a schedule and wanted to mix them up, still same problem (points).

Effective in 2014, all teams entering ANY seven (7) Future Bass Trails tournaments, regardless of point standings, will qualify to fish the Championship of their choice. (Grand Lake or Texoma)  Not both.  A team still has to place in the top ten of a division to fish both Championships.  This will allow anglers to spread out across the state to fish our tournaments and still enable them to qualify for our championship due to their participation. 

General Notes:
All teams competing in the pick 7 race MUST DECLARE THEIR INTENT BY THE END OF APRIL.
Points will be kept on all pick 7 race teams from each tournament they fish.
Teams must fish at least 7 future bass events to qualify for the championthip of their choice. (Grand or Texoma)
You are allowed to fish as many tournaments as you wish. All points will count for YTD standings.
All points will be tracked online to help teams determine YTD position.

Pick 7 Race Payouts:
1st place team will recieve 7 free future bass entries for 2015. ($910 Dollar Value)
2nd Place team will receive $700
3rd Plce team will receive $500

Please Contact Joe Copeland with any Questions.