Memo for 2015

Conservation issues have been brought to the atten of myself and our Tournament Directors through media, Marina owners and a few concerned anglers. Talk is, we're loosing too many fish in July and August. This is not a new issue, but it's an issue that needs to be addressed. I tried to control this problem  by starting our tournaments in February a couple years ago, but not many anglers wanted to fish that early. So, back to July and August in 2014, again more hot Summertime fishing. G.R.D.A. has implemented stop times of 1:00 pm in July with a 4 fish limit, and a 3 fish limit for Aug. The staff of Future Bass Trails LLC talked about several different scenarios. We think we came up with a plan that will be good for conservation, yet good for our Anglers. Therefore, in July and August, 2015 we are going to implement a four (4) fish limit and a 2:00 p.m. stop time for all Divisions of Future Bass Trails LLC (EXCEPT GRAND LAKE). This will cut one hour off the hottest part of the day with a 20% cut in the amount of fish in the live well.  I think with everyones support, we can give the fish a lot better chance of survival. Good Luck to all and I'll be at the Tulsa Tackle show, Please look me up.